Museum Selfies: 4 November 2015

Although we usually strive for projects with loftier objectives, this past week we decided to take a break and combine everyone’s two favorite things: selfies and emojis. Presenting Museum Selfies (@MuseumSelfies), a twitter bot providing the latest scoop on who is cozying up with their favorite artist.

The bot checks for new posts containing #museumselfie every hour and is configured to avoid posting duplicates. Museum Selfies retweets the original message and pairs it with a random, pre-configured set of emojis, largely containing the most recent set released by Apple this October. Unfortunately, this means that Windows users are out of luck.

Besides being a fun distraction, Museum Selfies allowed us to experiment with a new platform and hone our process. This was our first attempt at building a bot for twitter. More importantly, this was an opportunity to practice brainstorming, building, iterating, and releasing within one day. While the final product’s usefulness is up for debate, the process of building it has proved invaluable. After all, practice makes perfect.

So next time you’re at a museum, don’t be shy – we’ll make you famous!

@MuseumSelfies #museumselfie