A Hearty Thank You!: 2 December 2015

We wanted to thank all of our beta testers who signed-up to catalog data for the D. James Dee Archive of contemporary art using Artstor Arcades. Due to your participation and feedback beta testing was a resounding success. Here is a snapshot of some basic statistics:

4,800+ metadata entries
2,280+ creator name entries
    770+ titles
    690+ work date
    590+ medium

We are in the process of reviewing the data and your helpful comments in order to determine next steps for Arcades. Additionally, we will use the contributed data, when possible, to publish select images to the Artstor Digital Library, where they will be available for teaching and research at 1,800 educational institutions around the world. However, these images will remain in Arcades in order to gather more data and help inform further development.

Stay tuned for information about the next phase for Arcades. In the meantime, we extend a hearty thank you to all the flâneurs, connoisseurs, dilettantes, apprentices, and the 3 masters who have made this such a fun project!